The name Mr. Shamik Chakravarty expresses an astonishing dexterity as a Music Composer, Arranger, Programmer ,Conductor and Singer.Shamik showed his natural instinct in sung and music from his very childhood. By dint of his inborn instinct endeavour and perseverance shamik gradually flourished himself in the sphere of music world.

Shamik started his career as a Tabla Player at a age of 9. But his young heart was deeply stirred at Mr. A R Rahaman's compositions like Kahena Hi Kya and Bombay Theme from the film Bombay and also Ye Hassen Wadiyaan from the film Roja. Instantly Shamik gave away his earlier option and mentally prepared to devote himself to be a key board player and a singer.He thought within himself Mr. Rahman as his idol. Over and above he was inspired greatly by the guidance of his mother to become a singer. Then he came to close contact with Mr. Badal Dhar Chowdhury and recently Mr. Baloo Dutta to this essect. Shamik quest for becoming a complete musician brought him closed to many versatilities like Violin Brothers (for learning Western Classical Symphonic Orchestra), Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty ( for learning Indian Classical Music) , Mr. Sanjoy Das and Mr. Raja Chowdhury (for learning Ballad, Funk, Flamenco, Country, World, Various kind of Rock Music, Jazz etc etc), Mr. Sumon Chattopadhyai (Owner of Cozmik Harmony) and a renowned producer Mr. Pramod Shanker). Shamik was blessed with the guidance of Mr. Dalim Chatterjee(a flutist and also his mentor) and Mr.Pratap Roy (Baby) a renowned pianist and accordion player. Shamik has chartered out an impressive career as a Music Composer, Designer, and Conductor.He is also quite at home in Western Music. He has lent his creativity to various Films, Documentaries, Serials, Albums, Jingles Fusions etc etc.